September Mama Message

  “A vibrant body, a radiant mind, a loving heart, and an honorable life.”

- Stefan Emunds

Fall is almost here, and there is a chill in the air as I write this from the Sierra Nevada Mountains en route to Utah and Montana.  I am starting to think ahead about living in the Rocky Mountains this winter!  This is something I have always dreamt of, but I have never spent an entire winter season in snow country.   I realize that I need to look at life a bit differently, and plan ahead in new ways.

At this time of year we need to fortify our bodies for the change in the weather, the exposure to more seasonal threats, and possibly the extended periods indoors. My son-in-law always says that there is no bad weather, just bad gear… so I will need to take that into account, and make sure I bundle up and get outside regularly!  We need to be eating more warming foods, moving our bodies daily, sleeping soundly, and taking advantage of all of the choices we have to optimize our health. 

While I am extremely grateful for our western model of medicine for the life-saving emergencies that we may experience, I believe that prevention is key.  When my children were young I started to learn more about alternatives in healthcare.  I was fortunate to learn from herbalists, acupuncturists, anthroposophical doctors, and more.  We explored Reiki healing, Feldenkrais work, aromatherapy, cranial-sacral work, and osteopathy.  I am happy that there is so much more of an emphasis on integrative healthcare where we can benefit from the wisdom of so many healthcare practitioners, and have choices in how we treat minor and major illnesses.  We now know so much about boosting our immune systems through healthy nutrition, detoxification, and emotional support.  

While taking care of my own children I saw that what worked for one child might not be effective for another.  Each one of us is unique and has different needs, so we need to explore options and find our own paths for optimal health.  I appreciate working with practitioners who are open to alternatives, and who can tailor protocols for each individual.  Over the years I have come to learn so much about our digestive system, and what a key role it plays in our immune system.  I discovered the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, which challenged the current nutritional ideas at that time, and taught me so much about deep nutrition.  I have incorporated using herbs, essential oils, saunas, and acupuncture into our life.  I appreciate the healing role of touch, and of play, and of meditation.  I understand that our bodies need sunlight, fresh air, and movement daily.  In today’s hectic and over-technological world, I also try to stress the importance of limited screen time, rhythm and routine, and deep and restful sleep!

At this time of year, one of my favorite ways to boost my immune system and prepare for sleep is by making a warming and calming evening beverage.  Golden milk is gaining popularity because of its healthful properties, and is a great way to wind down at the end of the day.  You can use your favorite milk, and add turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and a bit of honey.  I like to combine fresh spices and a little bit of essential oil… with cardamom being my current favorite!  Dilute with more milk for young children, and enjoy!

Have a healthful and wonderful month!

Maria Fahrner