May Mama Message

Maria’s Mama Message for May

It is definitely Spring here in Soquel! The roses are blooming, the baby goats are frolicking, and the days are feeling long and full. The chickens are laying eggs, the asparagus is popping up in the garden, and the Farmer’s Markets are full of so much bounty. I am fortunate to live in an area where there is beautiful, fresh food available year-round. However, no matter where you live, there are always more opportunities to eat in balance with the seasons.
Nutrition is such an important topic for families… Regardless of differing viewpoints about food, everyone agrees that we all need to eat lots of fresh, local produce. Taking care of our own nutritional needs is essential for our vibrant health, and we need to feed our families as healthfully as possible. This is a challenge with today’s busy lifestyles, but I encourage you to take time to plan and cook wholesome, organic meals for yourself and your families. We can invite all family members to help with choosing meals, cooking together, and taking time as a family to enjoy long, joyful meals together. One of my favorite books is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, where the author and her family strive to eat food raised within one hundred miles of their home. Also, you can visit my friend Sheila Walsh Dunton at for lots of fabulous information on feeding our busy families healthfully!
The pace of family life is changing so much these days, but all research points to the importance of family meals together as often as possible. Mealtime is a place to weigh in on the day’s events, to listen to each other, to share stories, and to appreciate all family members. Even young children can help with preparing meals, setting the table, and calling everyone to the meal… Including everyone in the family makes the preparation much more fun! .
Hydration is also so important! Unfortunately most of us are not drinking the amount of clean water that our body needs. I love to put one drop of (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) lemon essential oil in my water (I always use a glass container). This is refreshing and also aids in detoxification. Lemon essential oil is my choice this month for continuing to cleanse our bodies, uplift our mood, and increase our energy!  
So head out with your family to the local Farmer’s Market, then enjoy preparing a fresh and healthy meal together. Linger over your meal with the lengthening Spring evenings, and cherish this special time together.
Have a wonderful month of May!

Maria Fahrner