February Mama Message

Maria's Mama Message: 

February is the month to focus on relationships and our hearts! We are social beings, and studies find that the healthier our relationships are, the healthier we are. In January the focus was on the importance of self-care, which is the foundation for our lives. 
Next we need to look at the way in which we foster all of our relationships, and to stress the value of nurturing the friendships in our lives. Whether this is with a lover, friend, parent, child, or colleague, the time we put into our relationships is so incredibly vital.  
We all love to spend time with people who make us feel good. When we take the time to focus, listen, and encourage others, we exchange positive energy, which uplifts us all.  
Instead of relying on the fleeting daily encounters, I encourage you to schedule date days or nights with your significant other, child, relative, or friend. Plan an outing in nature, a picnic or walk, a visit away from home, and really listen and enjoy your time together!  
It is important to put away the technology and get away from the daily distractions. We are all being pulled in so many directions and I feel that our presence is the most important gift we can give each other.  
My essential oil choice this month is Ylang Ylang for the heart. This oil supports our heartbeat and helps maintain an already healthy blood pressure, reduces feeling anxious or anxious feelings, and stabilizes equilibrium and emotional balance. It is the oil of the inner child (see Emotions and Essential Oils -Enlighten Healing). We all need to honor our inner child more! Diffuse in your home, apply to pressure points, or enjoy in the bath...
So this month, use your Ylang Ylang regularly, and pack that picnic basket and head to the beach or the mountains with your loved ones! Enjoy....

Maria Fahrner