October Mama Message

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”   

- Ecclesiastes

This weekend we will set our clocks back an hour, and return to standard time in most states… The days are getting noticeably shorter, and signs of harvest and upcoming holidays are everywhere.  Our family is talking about plans for the coming months, and we are getting prepared for winter in different ways. The concept of the four seasons is one that I have always loved, but I have never experienced a seriously long and cold winter season.  I am finding myself dreaming of fires and long evenings, of snowy days and outdoor fun! I’m also aware that dreams and reality are sometimes quite different!

I want to weave these concepts of dreams and seasons and slowing our pace together in this message…  Having spent this past year dreaming of a new home in Montana, and now seeing this dream come true, has made me acutely aware of the power of our dreams.  We must dream of something, and hang onto that dream before it becomes a reality in life. As children, we might have been discouraged from being “daydreamers”, or ridiculed for “silly dreams”.  We were told to “quit dreaming and get to work”! However, I love to encourage dreaming, because we need our dreams to focus on and to strive for. We can share our dreams with our children, and we can listen to and encourage their dreams.

We also talk about seasons of the year and seasons of our lives… Winter is a time for slowing down, and old age is called “the winter of our lives”.  However we choose to look at it, winter is definitely a time to draw in and to reflect. It is a time for long evenings with family, and for bringing out the board games and chapter books.  It is a time for handcrafts and handmade projects. It is a time for carving pumpkins, making gifts, and writing or telling stories. It is a time to light candles, and cook together as a family, and to plan for the coming year.  No matter what the ages in your family, there are activities that everyone can enjoy, and it is fun to look up new ideas and challenge each other with new skills and talents.

This month I encourage you to ask questions about your family traditions and research stories and family histories.  Add some new activities and create some new traditions as well. Encourage all of the generations to add to the fun, and learn from and listen to each other!  To foster generational healing I recommend White Fir or Siberian Fir essential oil for your home. It is also a wonderful holiday scent!

Have a cozy and wonderful month…

Maria Fahrner