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I am passionate about sharing options for nurturing, mentoring, and informing families about the most optimal choices for a joyful and healthy lifestyle.  I have been an educator for over three decades, and I am a wife, mother, and grandmother to wonderful, striving human beings.

I hold a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.  I have over thirty years of experience in Early childhood and Elementary Education, including twenty-three years as the Independent Study founder and teacher at our local homeschool program.  I also have my Foundation year in Waldorf Teacher Training.  I have a certificate of completion in a five year course of Spacial Dynamics, and am currently pursuing Level II training in this field. 

My husband and I built our home with as many non-toxic materials as possible, and we have a small farm where we garden organically, raise small livestock, and try to live in harmony with the land and the seasons.  I offer workshops on nutrition and home-making to empower people to take charge of their health and family needs, and encourage self-education in body care and in reducing toxic exposure.  

I am a family wellness consultant with a private practice, and I offer workshops and events in the community and online about parenting with intention.  I co-host the podcast "The Moms I Know" with homeschool mom and nutritionist, Sheila Walsh Dunton.  I am also working on a parenting guidebook at this time...

I am a wellness advocate for essential oil use, and I offer support and education for people who are looking for alternatives for personal and family health goals.  I network with others who are sharing similar paths, and I am continually striving and learning to increase my knowledge and converse with others.